The Tibetan Paranormal and Supernatural

Tibet is a land that has always been perceived as mystical and mysterious because of its geographic location, deep religious beliefs and seclusion from the outside world.

I’m someone whose very skeptical about supernatural things and really I am someone who does not fully believe in them but I don’t deny the possibility of their existence.

So here are some of the few “supernatural and unexplainable” things I’ve heard about Tibet or Tibetans from personal experience. Also I’ve posted about this on other sites and I got some feedback on other people with their own experiences of Tibetan paranormal things, which I’ll post as well.

-My cousin once talked to this renowned chef who in his youth was in the circus and they had decided to send him Tibet for spiritual training, or something like this, he had stayed in a Tibetan monastery with other monks and he said that when he was there he had seen a monk bend a spoon with his mind and levitate.

-My late uncle told me that when he was coming from Tibet to India in his teens with his family across the Himalayas, he had gotten lost in a storm and became separated from the family. He started looking around for his parents or siblings but couldn’t find them. Then he saw a bird in the sky that he remembered was religiously auspicious. He followed the bird and it led him right towards where his dad was coming from looking for him.

-Many children who are said to be reincarnations of High Lamas can recollect things like where the past reincarnations placed things and important people in that past lama’s life upon first meeting.

-I was watching Dateline, I think it was, and they were doing a special on religious powers around the world. One of the segments showed a story about a Western man who was also a doctor who went on a mountain climbing expedition in the Himalayas with a group of Sherpa’s. One of the Sherpas during the climb had slipped and fell a long distance straight onto his face and he was in critical condition on the verge of dying. The other Sherpas took him and placed him in a tent and the doctor had a look at him and he came to the conclusion that the man would be dead by the next day. At night the other Sherpas gathered around the dying man’s tent and began to chant Buddhist prayers and gradually the doctor noticed that the man was becoming more stable and by morning he was able to speak and was no longer in a critical state.

Here are some other things I heard from other people when I posted on another site:

-I had a friend whose father was in the hospital here in US, At the point of death. The doctors had given up and he wasn’t to live very much longer.
My friend spoke to my Tsawai while in He was in town. Tsawai performed Chod for my friends father. Within a short time (a few days maybe) the father had a complete turn around and was well enough to go home.

-Eating dinner with H.E. Lho Bongtul Rinpoche after the last session of teachings, there was a question I didn’t get the chance to ask during the teachings. While having comfortable “chit-chat”, He looks at me and answers the unvoiced question. It had nothing to do with conversation taking place.

Tulku Nyima Gyaltsen Rinpoche— again at the dinner table— we get a phone call that a sangha member was on the way to the emergency room. Rinpoche softly starts praying. About 10 minutes later, we get a phone call that she is fine and heading back home.

Post any Tibetan paranormal things you’ve heard about or experienced first-hand. Also comment on whether or not you believe in these Tibetan supernatural things or people and why.


9 thoughts on “The Tibetan Paranormal and Supernatural

  1. tsering chopel

    i once read an interview with dalia lama and he recalls someone old lady telling him that she saw some monks flying in the sky with their robes in hand over their head.
    i had a little personal experience, i drowned in river in grade 10. i was in water for like 3-5 minutes (not sure). anyway, couple of ppl tried to help me and couldn’t. i also remember having thoughts like i am doomed or this is it or how come i dont see my entire life flash by. but then i chanted (dolma mantra) in sem, and my hand stuck out of water and they could see where i was. the water was all cloudy. so, after that i was rescued very fast. i told my friends who rescued me that i dont believe in gods anymore and he told me, if anyone should believe, i should. so i guess its an incidence worth mentioning.

  2. Tib Sista

    I believe in supernatural especially divination. Many of the divinitions by high lamas can be very accurate.

    I am more skeptical of various dieties and all the stories associated with it. I think those dieties might be made up to express Buddhist principles or morals. Maybe not! Who knows! I do believe in Dolma (Tara) and just few but not the whole thing.

  3. Jigme32

    What makes you believe in the “supernatural” though? Me personally I’ve never experienced or seen first hand any of this kind of stuff so thats why I am skeptical.

  4. t.lo

    when tpo was born, a monk said that he was a deer in his past life but he was shot in the back of his ear, and i’m pretty sure this was said without even being in contact with tpo, and when my ama checked the back of the ear the monk mentioned (i forget if it’s left or right) there was a mole there! some may say its coincidence, but i believe, check out the back of tpo’s ear if u don’t believe me 🙂

  5. Tenzin

    even i tend to be a little skeptical about the existence of ghosts and such, but i do believe there’s a divine power somewhere.. like i know western medicine would call this hallucination and what not, but i know a couple girls who were ‘cursed’ and they had to be taken to different gurus and nepali witch doctors to get rid of the curse. and what about the nechung? i think that’s true too.. and the reincarnations/trulkus of course.

    personally, my folks tell me i used to say i was a nepali grandmother in the same town i was born in my previous life. and my mom apparently was too freaked out to even let me go near that area.. i don’t remember anything now though.

  6. Kg

    We had a family friend in Belleville who worshipped Dhogyal. If I remember he tried to quick and Dhogyal threw him out of the house into the snow. Also the wife of this friend used to get possessed when a certain lama came.

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