Traditional Tibetan Saying

I came across a few books on Tibetan history passingly a while back and there was one book I briefly read called “A Tibetan Revolutionary: The Political Life and Times of Bapa Phüntso Wangye” written by Melvyn Goldstein, Dawei Sherap, William R. Siebenschuh.

What sticks out in my mind about the book is this quote by itself on an entire page at the start of the book. “Tibetans are ruined by hope, Chinese are ruined by suspicion.” It was credited as a “-Traditional Tibetan Saying” but I’ve never heard the saying before, and I still don’t fully understand the meaning or what it implies but I found it really interesting. I posted this here because I was wondering if anyone else on this blog has ever heard this saying and or completely understands what it is implying and/or why it is implying this notion. Feel free to post your own perception of what this possibly means. I’ll post back here myself as well if I get a better understanding of this “traditional Tibetan saying”.


2 thoughts on “Traditional Tibetan Saying

  1. Buds of Tibet

    This saying is popular in Tibetan community if you live in one, thats why you need to go down to Toronto, now you know me!

    In Tibetan it goes like this
    “Bhod Reway Lyung, Gya Dhokpey Lyung”

    Lyung means kind of like ruined or failed something to that effect.

    Generally Tibetans are concieved to be full of hope and not doing much. Such as hoping for a free Tibet without much effort on their part. While Chinese are seen as skeptical and suspicious about things all the time.

    Its just an indication of weaknesses of each race as seen through history. Tibet kept hoping some one will rescue it from China while China kept suspecting everyone is out there to get them. Just my interpretation.

    Suffice to say it is a normal Tibetan saying.

  2. Jigme32

    Ahh ok thanks. I was thinking something like that but then I wasn’t sure because it sounded pessimistic about Tibetans. I never heard that saying though untill I saw the book.

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