Two Innocents in Red China

I was going through a parliamentary newspaper called “The Hill Times”, and I saw an article titled “Trudeau falls in love with China, says it made him a better person”. In the article it talks about the book “Two Innocents In Red China” written by former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Jacques Hiebert with a new edition being introduced with an introduction written by Pierre Trudeau’s son, Alexandre Trudeau. In the article Alexandre Trudeau talks about how, in the light of recent criticisms from the Conservative government towards China’s human rights abuses record, Canada would be better served by “reaching out to China, happily and innocently”. He goes further on to say that to nag China with “their failures, whether it’s human rights or environment, and to condition our dialogue with them is foolish”.

“I believe in a more benign way of dialoguing and improving nations by allowing them to learn from each other without harsh criticisms”. -Alexandre Trudeau

Comment on what you think about Trudeau’s argument.


2 thoughts on “Two Innocents in Red China

  1. Ka Ca Ga Nga

    You should read this article on Hill Times of June 11, 2007 by Tom Korski. The headline goes, “I’ll take a pass on new release of Trudeau’s Two Innocents in Red China”. After reading the interview with Trudeau that you were referring to, I lost all respect for that guy. I wanted to write something but ofcourse, my thoughts remain unspelled as usual. But I was so happy to read Tom Korski’s piece which explained somethings that went through my mind as well. I will just leave you with an excerpt from his piece:
    “Two Innocents rate, in my opinion, among one of the most embarassing journalistic works published. It is a chirpy monologue by two tourists stumbling through a holocaust. Trudeau and Hebert praised “the genius of Mao”.

    This takes me to another issue of Mao pictures everyone. For Tibetans, he is nothing less than Hitler. It angers me to see his photo as an iconic thing. People have no idea they are gracing their bag or t-shirt or even restaurants with a mass murder’s picture. Trudeau’s appeasement policy towards China is like appeasing Hitler to me. Next time you see a Mao picture at a restaurant, excuse yourself and say your apetite is lost after seeing the face of a mass murderer and are affronted by that. I saw one at “Eatery” on Broadway in Vancouver. Avoid that.

  2. Jigme32

    Thanks, I didn’t see this article at first when I went through the paper. I’m glad someone spoke out against it.

    I don’t think the book is advocating Chinese appeasement, it advocates a more softer stance on China instead of a direct and open stance, which Trudeau sees as insulting to the Chinese. Trudeau uses the metaphor of a Donkey being lured with a carrot on a stick in his article. He thinks that Canada would be better suited to lure China with the carrot, rather than beat them with the stick.

    However I don’t agree with Trudeau on this notion because I don’t believe the Chinese government will change unless they have to change or is in their best interests to change. Which I don’t think would be the case if you took a softer stance on China.

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