The Chinese Within Tibet

Here are some statistics I got off the net on the ethnic make-up of the population within Tibet. (*I think the source might be Chinese or compiled by the PRC)

-In the Tibetan Autonomous Region(TAR) has a population of 2,616,329, of which 2,427,168(92.8%) are Tibetan and 158,570(6.1%) are Han Chinese.

-In the Qinghai province, which encompasses the historical Tibetan province of Amdo, there are 4,822,963 inhabitants. Of this 1,086,592(22.5%) are Tibetan and 2,606,050(54.0%) are Han Chinese.

-In the Sichuan province, which encompasses part of the historical Tibetan province of Kham, the Tibetan areas are on average 50-75% Tibetan and the 20-25% Han Chinese.

*Also I don’t think these statistics incorporate the large number of Chinese soldier and military personnel that are stationed in Tibet.

So what I want people to comment on is:
-If Tibet gains its independence what should Tibetans do about these Chinese inhabitants? Should they be deported? Should they be allowed to stay? Encouraged to leave through incentives?


3 thoughts on “The Chinese Within Tibet

  1. Wotse La

    Thanks for the statistics. Tibetans need to know the reality of the huge change in Tibet in terms of composition of Tibet. Naivety(sp?) of some Tibetans numb me. One good friend asked me how do I know about TAR (Tibetan Autonomous Region) and the other provinces!!

    That is why I keep asking for better education for Tibetan kids growing up in exile for more upto date information about Tibet not just historical Tibet. We are living in the future and not in the past. We draw from the past but do not dwell on it.

    You make me proud that a young Tibetan is taking this initiative against many who donot know TAR.

  2. tsering chopel

    a good question. i would want them to leave… a pure tibetan country will be really great but being a tibetan and a buddhist we cant just deport them. encouraging them to leave (in good way) seems nice.
    maybe we can sort of declare them as immigrants and they have to earn their right to be tibetans (and i hope they fail) and tibetans can have tibetan citizenship and that way we can keep things to ourself. its kind of mean but have to compromise somewhere between our desire and compassion for chinese in tibet.
    then again, like thuptenla said… first get independence. talking about such things will get us nowhere near freedom.
    again, i think maybe its important to discuss about these issues and settle it before getting independence. dont wanna have problems after getting independence like india did…

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