China’s Rising Military Power

China’s defense budget to rise 17.8% in 2007
“Mar. 15, 2007 – At the Fifth Session of the 10th National People’s Congress, it was announced that the country’s military budget for 2007 is 350.92 billion yuan, or roughly US$44.94 billion. This marks a 17.8 per cent increase over the previous year, or $6.8 billion. (Click for full report.)

China’s military expenditure in 2005 accounted for 1.35 percent of its GDP, the lowest compared with 4.03 percent in the United States, 2.71 percent in Britain and 1.93 percent in France.

In terms of proportion of military spending in fiscal expenditure, China reported 7.3 percent in 2005, compared with 20. 04 percent in the United States, 11.41 percent in France and 9.2 percent in Germany”

Does China’s military expenditure surpass its actual needs now that the 2007 Chinese military budget has surpassed Japan’s $42 billion and Germany’s $37.5? It still trails Britain’s $62.38 billion and France’s US$50.78 billion. It is a fraction of the United States’ $532.8 billion.


4 thoughts on “China’s Rising Military Power

  1. Anonymous

    There is no doubt that china posses the biggest land force in the world, but what good is a 4 million infantry men who are not properly trained, and who does not even have enough bullets or bread to eat in the fields.

    The key to becoming a superpower takes more than just land force, and Chinese navy is only capable of patrolling its coasts, nothing more. Its MIG jets are no match for the American F22A Raptor with stealth capability. Their T-model tanks are old and are just sitting ducks for the American stealthy Apache Attack Helicopters. Military analyst have referred to the Chinese military as a war museum.

    The only thing that the US and India should worry about is the China’s nuclear arsenals. They must first, using thermal image satellite or some other advanced imagine unit to detect and locate all the nuclear sites, and then keep a close eye on it. Besides their 400 or so intercontinental and short range missiles, I don’t think China’s military is much of a threat to the world. The only thing that concerns me is an outbreak of an all out nuclear warfare as a desperate move by the PLA if a war should break out with the West.

  2. mashmetoo

    “war museum”, keep telling yourself that, and you’ll be unpleasantly surprised when war finally breaks out. China fought the mighty US to a draw in Korea, and that was some 50 odd years ago. This makes you wonder what China is capable of doing now eh??

  3. Jigme32

    What “anonymous” stated is quite an underestimation of China’s current military capabilities especially when you say that their soldiers do not “have enough bullets or bread to eat in the fields”.’

    But it is true that the Chinese military is quite behind in technology than the US and most Western powers and even other nations within Asia like South Korea. However, this is changing quickly since China is increasing military spending, like it says in the report.

    I wouldn’t see the Chinese fighting the Americans in Korea 50 years ago to a draw as a positive thing as “mashmetoo” says because China had overwhelming numbers compared to US soldiers and during that war they were not properly equipped or even fed in a lot of cases.

    In any case this discussion of Chinese invading someone seems trivial since I don’t see China starting a war with anyone, particularly the west, anytime soon since. They have no need too and would not dare risk their economic prosperity in doing so.

  4. I agree a bit to Jigme32 that China would not dare to have a war against the Western powers, they are on their prime this days, their economic growth is boosting, for me their display of military might is just telling everyone that china is capable of being on top, however, big percentage of China’s government is still adapting a communist style of government… we must not also forget that in some worst case scenario, if the US siege N.Korea for it’s Nuke weapons, there is still a big possibility that China would support it’s fellow communist country… let’s just hope that the previous world wars wont happen again.

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