"One World, One Dream, Free Tibet 2008" Banner Hanging on Great Wall

I actually caught Lhadon’s (exec. director of SFT) interview this morning on CTV when I was waking up, check it out at the youtube link provided on this site:


One of the best interviews I’ve seen on SFT’s part; high risk work by the 6 detained in addressing China’s disturbing human rights record — we hope they are okay–

Edit* – here’s the link to Lhadon’s blog Beijing Wide Open as she blogs from Beijing:

The banner the protesters released upon rappelling from the top of the Great Wall of China on the eve of the one-year countdown from the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

” One World, One Dream, Free Tibet 2008″ in English and Chinese.

Posted by P.D.


5 thoughts on “"One World, One Dream, Free Tibet 2008" Banner Hanging on Great Wall

  1. Anonymous

    Has anyone left a banner for the Mohawks? Or the Crees? Or the Innus? Or any of the millions of the original nations of Canada?
    Has it even occured to anyone even?
    How about for the aborigines of Australia? Or the Maoris of New Zealand? Or the Siberians of Asia? What about the Chechens? Shoudl the Chechns be bombed into rubble and the rubble into even smaller rubble?
    Why only the Tibetans?

  2. Anonymous

    Maybe because Tibetans are still being repressed and jailed, tortured, and killed just for speaking out for human rights and the return of their leader. (google lithang) Even if they put up a poster about independence, have a photo of the Dalai Lama, or have a Tibetan flag, they’ll be punished in one way or another…that’s why….

  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous, this is just your imagination. We’re talking about Tibetans here. We’ll talk about other genocides another time. I think none of us have any problem with that. So what’s your point?


  4. Dawa

    Who ever wrote the first comment seems to ask a question that he/she should know. If he is really and truly sympathetic to oppressed poeple of the world, the person should be happy about what is being done for the Tibetans and should encourage others to do for the other oppressed people in the world. By that question, what are you trying to get at?

  5. Anonymous

    hehe are you kidding me?
    what justice have been done to the aborigines of Australia, Maoris of New Zealand, Siberians of Asia, the Chechens?
    Seems the white people are calling for a Free Tibet in those places.

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