The Importance of Dialogue

Last Monday I was lucky enough to be able to go to a public talk by Tashi Wangdi. It was actually Lodi Gyari who was scheduled to talk but something had come up at the last minute, and so Tashi Wangdi came in his absence.

In 2002, representatives of the Dalai Lama, led by Lodi Gyari, traveled to China and Tibet and re-established contact with the Chinese leadership for the first time since 1993. The last round of talks was held in June 2007. Mr. Gyari will offer a personal and up-close analysis of the current state of discussions and what he foresees for the future.

At the talk Tashi Wangdi gave us a brief overview of the history of dialiogue between the Tibetan Government in Exile and the Peoples Republic of China. One thing that struck me was how Tashi Wangdi essentially stated that in order for any real solution to be made, change must come from within the Chinese government. It wasn’t the fact that I had never heard this view before, in fact I always held this view. What struck me was that I had thought that a member of the TGIE dialogue missions to China would not have shared this view since it would seem that it could not be synonymous with the strategy of engaging in dialogue with the current PRC government since the view essentially states that nothing can be truly resolved with this current PRC government unless it changes somehow.

Thus I had thought that someone who shares the view that change must come from within the Chinese government in order for a real solution to come about would see the strategy of dialogue with the current PRC government as useless and futile since they already acknowledge that no solution can come about with the current PRC government.

What is your opinion? Is dialogue with with the current PRC government useful or is it futile?


One thought on “The Importance of Dialogue

  1. Tenzin

    Is this the reason why the current dialogue led by TGIE has been put to halt? I remember Lodi Gyari saying something about not initiating talk from the TGIE side anymore and they will only engage in dialogues with China if the Chinese government initiates it from their side.

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