TibetTalk forbidden by the Peoples Republic of China

I just found out from a comment by a reader named Dava that “Tibettalk” has been added to a list of a thousand search terms forbidden by the Peoples Republic of China

“Hi Jigme-laa,

I just thought you’d like to know that “Tibetalk” has been honored as one of the thousand “search terms” forbidden by the Peoples Republic.

I imagine you may not especially feel great being placed in the company of all those obscenities. Does it bother you at all?

The list has been put up here:


In Tinyurl: http://tinyurl.com/2nqc2u

Have a look!

The moral is, if you really would only like top party leaders to read your blog, type all those words into your “subject” box. No guarantees, but you can be pretty sure most people in the PRC won’t be able to go there.



4 thoughts on “TibetTalk forbidden by the Peoples Republic of China

  1. Dava

    I guess you’re right. Anyway, there have surely been additions to the list in the last 4 years since it was discovered. It takes time and luck for these kinds of things to reach public knowledge, anyway.

    Keep on blogging! Dava

  2. wendy

    Actually, you really shouldn’t believe this BS. First of all, that link is to a supposedly blocked works for QQGame…which is kind of like the MSN messenger game function. Completely unrelated to how internet traffic is censored.

    Also, I just looked into that file on my computer and didn’t see anything similar to that -.- Don’t know who cooked it up~

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