Chinese Students Counterprotest at Duke University



10 thoughts on “Chinese Students Counterprotest at Duke University

  1. Dava

    PS Why is the video no longer available from YouTube, because the PRC agents worked together to label it as offensive? I’ve heard that’s been happening. Or is something less sinister at work? I just get the feeling that the PRC guys think if they can’t get free information, neither should we!

  2. What shocks and saddens me is the reaction and attitude of ordinary Chinese citizens, particulary the overseas Chinese and Chinese students studying outside China. We can say that the Chinese in China are misled by the Government controlled news and media about Tibet, but what about the Chinese outside who have open access to all information on Tibet and China’s human rights violations and abuses.

    These students in Duke are living and studying in America – the land of the free and home of the brave – enjoying various freedoms of speech and right to dissent. One would expect them to support the Tibetans, infact even speak up against their country’s absymal human rights records. If Tibet is truly a part of China, would not the heart of the Chinese bleed for the fellow “countrymen”.

    The Chinese are so delusional, inside China and out. My heart whooped with joy to see the Tibetan flag fluttering defiantly in the sea of Chinese of Chinese flags.

    Kudos and Thanks to those who carry the Flag of Tibet and support Tibet.

    Bod Gyalo!

  3. Tenzin

    Wow intense. We haven’t had similar encounters yet on campus but the tension’s there.

    Not sure if you’ve come across this yet, but there’s another twist now. The guy who attacked the Chinese girl on wheelchair carrying the Olympic torch is a Chinese, and not Tibetan according to some Japanese sources, who have revealed that he’s actually a Chinese working in Japan. He was in both London and Paris for the torch relay, as a Tibetan protester. Fishy..


    Any thoughts?

  4. Tenzin

    I actually read a few comments that said he’s a Chinese working in Japan. Not a reliable source, I know.. but there’s so much information going around I don’t really know who to believe.
    Blog on..

    Thanks Dava for the links.

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