Shocking new video of Chinese police brutality in Tibet

Edit: The video has been removed from Youtube but here is another link here:


10 thoughts on “Shocking new video of Chinese police brutality in Tibet

  1. Robert Negreanu

    ultra biased maybe if you guys understood what the police was saying you would know why they were being beaten.

  2. Well should police be giving out beatings regardless of what they were or weren’t doing? How about the man who was beaten to the point of death? Is that something understandable?

  3. Dava

    Bob, I think the main point for the moment is that they are helpless on the ground with their hands tied tightly behind their backs. This beating of people when they are down and incapable of defense or resistance is the most atrocious type of abuse. And, if I may add, the most cowardly. It doesn’t matter what they are saying while they are doing it. Really not.

  4. Otto Kerner

    Some people say that the footage of the monks being beaten on the ground is fake because it does not appear to have been filmed covertly, but Chinese police would never let somebody stand there and film that. Have you heard anything about that? I haven’t been able to find any intelligent discussion on this point — only denunciations from the Chinese side and no rejoinder from the pro-Tibetan side.

  5. Here’s just a few of the arguments I’ve heard claiming the video as fake or inaccurate.


    The Dharamsala- based Tibetan government-in-exile, which released the rare video footage, said the treatment of the Tibetans violated international norms and amounted to torture.

    But Xinhua, the Chinese state news agency, issued a rebuttal to the video, saying that the footage had been pieced together from different sources. The agency added that the person shown in the video was not in fact Tendar and that the wounds shown were fake.

    An unnamed official said: “Tendar died from a disease at home awaiting court trial. The image of an injured person in the video is not that of Tendar and the wounds were fake.”


    The police official said that Tendar had used a knife to slash a civil policeman on the day of the riot. After repeated warnings, the policeman defeated Tendar in self-defense.

    “Tendar died from a disease at home awaiting court trial,” the police official told Xinhua. “The image of an injured person in the video is not that of Tendar and the wounds were fake,” he added.


    In its first response to the video’s release, an unnamed government official from China’s Tibetan Autonomous Region said it was a lie.

    He was speaking to the official Xinhua News Agency in a report that was released late on Tuesday.

    “Technology experts found that video and audio was edited to piece together different places, times and people,” Xinhua said, quoting the official.

    China also rejected the claims about Tendar.

    “Tendar died from a disease at home awaiting court trial,” the official said, adding that he had used a knife to “slash” a policeman.

    The official added that the injured person in the video was not Tendar and the wounds were fake.

    “The Dalai Lama group is used to fabricating lies to deceive the international community, and the aim of this video is to hide the truth of the 14 March riot,” Xinhua quoted the official as saying.

    The Tibetan government-in-exile says that about 220 Tibetans were killed and nearly 1,300 seriously injured following the unrest last year.

    The Chinese government says at least 18 civilians and one policeman were killed, mostly in riots in Lhasa on 14 March.

  6. dafengluobote

    Golden Shield Project is a joke,well I am Chinese,China always does foolish things.

  7. Anonymous

    I had previously commented that this video could be fake and I cited similar brutality shown by US National Guards on 4th May Kent State anti vVietnam war protest, in which 4 students were short dead. However my comments were apparently removed! Also US police sprayed 460 rounds of bullets at Jackson state where most if not all students were black. You can find thes right here in Youtube.
    My point is all police use force to deal with mobs. The Us students burnt ROPTC building. The Tibetan demonstrators also burned shops and beat innocent people so what do you expect?

    As for this video I think its faked. If the Chinese polkice were this brutal, how come they allowed the cameraman to follow so close like 3 to 5 ft (1m to 1,5m), without he himself being beaten and his camera smashed? Also one of the beating seen was actaully blocked by a person. The other beating, the person been beaten did not seem to response in pain eg scream? This video covered the noise with music. Other similar videos I didnt hear the scream.

  8. lamdawave

    My comments related to similar brutality by other police dealing with mobs including US National Guards when they shot dead 4 students at Kent Univ on 4ht May 1972. Also At Jackson State anti Vietnam war demonstration US police sprayed 460 over shots of bullets at student hostel (?). You can verify this by “Anti Vietnam War” right here at Youtube!( my hat off to Youtube for being so faithfull to historical archives). I also mentioned at one time CIA provided financial and military support to Dalai Lama. Then I said if Tibet should be independent then so should Faulkland!
    We need to look at info/evidence from both sides. An Australian tourist who happened to be in Tibet also uoloaded his video on 15th March. It showed some unidentified demonstrators beating up people and bunred shops.

    I think Youtube should demand people who upload any information warrant the following:
    1. They must declare whether that info is genuine or faked (eg to entertain,
    2. Anyone who upload faked info shall be liable to criminal prosecution or civil suits. The victims (including sovereignties) shall be entitled to compensation.

    I as an insignificant earthling am sick of so much mis and faked information, and would like to see mankind progresses based on truth, not conceited lies lies lies!

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