‘Letters from my Great Great Uncle Cecil Mainprise’

Captain Cecil Mainprise
Captain Cecil Mainprise

Here’s a really interesting blog that was sent to me from the great grandnephew of Captain Cecil Mainprise. The author has published the letters of Captain Cecil Mainprise who accompanied General Sir Francis Younghusband’s expedition to Tibet in 1903.

The letters give a very good first hand account of the British military encounters with the Tibetans and I look forward to reading the future postings of Captain Mainprise’s letters.

Mainprise was a captain in the Royal Army Medical Corps, commanding a Field Hospital on General Sir Francis Younghusband’s expedition to Tibet.

On his return from the expedition, he served in India and in France during the First World War. Thereafter he served in Salonika, Bulgaria and Afghanistan before returning to England to take over as Commandant of the Royal Army Medical College from 1924 to 1926.

In total Captain Mainprise wrote 50 letters home which traced the expedition’s progress into Tibet. Read this insider’s account on the day they were written some 105 years later. Final post is 18 November 2009.

See Site Here: Field Force to Lhasa 1903-04


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