A Tibetan Book of Spells

By earlyTibet.com

Can monks do magic? Should they? We often picture monks (or at least the ideal of the monk) firmly in the setting of the monastery, either seeking enlightenment through study and meditation, or carrying out in the affairs of the monastery. But magic? Well, it seems that throughout most of the history of Buddhism the answer to the first question has been yes, and to the second usually why not? In fact, the  Buddhist canon contains enough spells to rival the repertoire of Merlin, Saruman and Harry Potter put together.

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7 thoughts on “A Tibetan Book of Spells

  1. Tenzin L

    Cool article Jig! I’ve actually been wondering about this topic lately… thanks for pointing me in the right direction 🙂

  2. Very interesting site. I used the image embedded in this text and placed a link to tibettalk. You can see it at liberationfromthelie.wordpress.com. All the best – Eric

  3. Lee dong wook

    I think the hmong and the Yi can do more magic than the Tibetan. the hmong traditional spells really do work. I have learn alot of hmong magic spells, most of them are dark magic.

    What do you guys think?

  4. Andy

    Hi guys always been interested in spells,meditation can u help me becouse looked on internet and there is sooo many books and things dont know what is the best books to study Thanx 🙂

  5. Lee dong wook

    answer Jigme Duntak,

    Hmong people strongly believe in Shamanism. We call our religion Xeeb Tom (SengTao). The Hmong magic has 2 sides, Black side and white side. The black side is used for doing harms and bring illness to other people. The white side is used to help or heal illness or cure the sicks of people. I have learned both sides but never used it to do harm on other people because it is prohibited in our culture. We only use white magic spells to cure people who are sick or ill.

    We had used chinese characters to write our language for many hundreds of years, but to preserve our religion from the invader Chinese, most of our magic books were written in Tibetan alphabet and kept in the cave in Sichuan province.

    As our culture has to deal with spells and rituals all the time, most elderly know how to cast spells.

    Lee Dong Wook

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