Highway to Lhasa

Dear Jigme,

We hope you are moved by “Highway To Lhasa” on YouTube

The central theme of the song is expressed in its narrated sonnet:

What makes a nation great is not its size
It’s not the missiles not its fearsome hosts
It’s not the buildings not the oil supplies
It’s not some worn-out tales of ancient ghosts
Its people hold the secret of its power
Its people who disdain the way of force
Though murderous oppression knell the hour
Its peaceful people turn their country’s course
For who will stop the army of the meek
And who can bend the will that has no fear
And who will quell the wailing of the weak
The cry for freedom agonized and clear
The mighty crush the small and have their way
But peaceful souls will rise to win the day

People have asked me how the song came to be written. Quite simply, it was inspired by a documentary film about tiny Estonia at the end days of the Soviet Union. By simply singing, the Estonians were peacefully able to break the bonds of tyranny.

See “The Singing Revolution” trailer on You Tube:


It is my sincere hope that the American public is awakened to the Tibetan situation as a matter of “justice and morality,” which is how it was described by the Dalai Lama in Boston a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps songs are a way to help spark that awakening.
Best Regards,
Frank Tedesco



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