Can we really make progress for Tibet through the Chinese legal framework?

Autonomy? Think Again – Elliot Sperling

Rejoinder to “Autonomy? Think Again” – Lobsang Sangay

A Response to Lobsang Sangay -Elliot Sperling


5 thoughts on “Can we really make progress for Tibet through the Chinese legal framework?

  1. Dor Y

    What do YOU think? Will it ever be possible that Tibetans will find a satisfactory solution through this very unlikely route? Seems to me, if anything, Chinese law will always work against them. Where are the signals that things are otherwise?

  2. As far as gaining any real form of autonomy or independence, through the Chinese legal system, I don’t believe we can with this current Chinese government. I suppose it doesn’t hurt to try but I believe, like it says in some of the comments on these three articles, Chinese laws are followed by the government selectively. When they coincide with the government’s aims or help them in oppressing the people then they are followed but when they undermine the government or inconvenience them, they are ignored.

  3. Tenzing

    any form of genuine autonomy is a long way coming and Sperling’s article point to the difficulty ahead.Ma Rong, an influential scholar mentioned in the article have been calling on the elimination of national minority laws and creating a national identity based on “chinessness” and has further gone to state that tibetan intellectuals are a problem. While China might not go to such extent it is important to keep a vigilant the official use of name Tibet as Xizang..L Sangay should definately start to pay closer attention to these issues

  4. td

    now more than ever we need to help support preservation of the tibetan cultures and language(s) in its natural environment

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