What is India’s Karmapa policy? (an interview with the Karmapa)

guardian.co.uk recently ran an interview and analysis piece by Norma Levine about Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje’s current situation. He makes his most straightforward so far about not playing a political role in the government-in-exile in the future, rightly pointing out that there is a already a procedure in place in their constitution to choose a regent for the Dalai Lama. Levine writes compellingly about the restrictions the Karmapa faces living in India. Some questions were raised in the comments about the reliability of the translation of what the Karmapa said and about the accuracy of the conclusions Levine reaches, but this article is definitely thought-provoking.


What’s going on with the kalön tripa election?

I’m a bit unclear on what the story is right now with the kalön tripa (i.e. Tibetan exile prime minister) election process? The primary election was October 3, but I haven’t heard anything about election results. Is the field of candidates narrowed somewhat? People seem to still be discussing several options, which means they are apparently still in the race. Can anyone fill me in?